Competence and powers of the Czech Antimonopoly Office - de lege lata and de lege ferenda

Miroslav Uřičař, General Legal Counsel, T-Mobile, Czech Republic

Recently, there have been intense discussions in the Czech media on the allegedly insufficient powers of the Czech Antimonopoly Office in the area of electronic communications. According to such information, the Czech Republic was even facing a potential legal action by the European Commission at the European Court of Justice due to the limited powers of the Antimonopoly Office. With respect to the fact that the information published in the media was quite incomplete and, in many cases, did not reflect the actual state of affairs, I consider it desirable to look at the issue of competence and powers of the Antimonopoly Office in more detail.

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Czech Republic Competition Telecommunications July 2007 Vol. 1, No. 1, Autumn 2007

Miroslav Uřičař


Miroslav Uřičař (born on 21 July 1974 in Ostrava) M Uřičař graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague. He worked as Legal Counsel in the corporate sector, e.g. In OKD a.s. Since 1999, he has been working at T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. Where he is currently the head of the Legal and Regulatory Department, holding the post of General Legal Counsel. He is also responsible for Corporate Affairs and participates in international projects within T-Mobile International. He specializes in administrative law and in regulatory issues related to network industries, especially the electronic communications industry, including aspects involving competition law issues. He is the chairman of the legislative committee of the Czech Association for Competition Law. He has published in professional journals and occasionally lectures at conferences and seminars.



Within the scope of its business activities to which it is authorised, T-Mobile Czech Republic establishes and operates a public mobile communication network on the GSM standard in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands and provides mobile telecommunications services pertaining to this network. The comprehensive character of the services provided lies especially in the extensive range of products and possible combinations thereof. Customers can choose from a wide range of products, from standard services to special, above-standard services designed especially for demanding customers. In cooperation with its foreign partners, T-Mobile Czech Republic responds flexibly to the trends in technological development in this area and significantly keeps pace with the world-wide technological level and quality. General company information 4,648 million customers (2006, March 31st) Almost 400 operators, more than 150 countries Network signal coverage 99% of the Czech population and 99,98 % of E-class roads in the Czech Republic T-Mobile Czech Republic shareholders - Cmobil B.V. (60, 77 %), RADIOKOMUNIKACE, a.s. (39,23 %.) Establishment of the company On 14 March 1996 the Cmobil consortium became the winner of the tender for an international partner of ?eské radiokomunikace announced by the Ministry of Economics. Eleven days later - on 25 March 1996 the Licences to Operate a GSM Mobile Network were ceremonially handed over. On 23 June 1996 a new company called RadioMobil was registered with the Commercial Court and started to operate the Paegas mobile network on 30 September 1996. In the year 2002 the Paegas moved to T-Mobile and in 2003 the name of company was changed to T-Mobile Czech Republic.

Czech Republic Competition Telecommunications July 2007 Vol. 1, No. 1, Autumn 2007

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