Selected Consumer Data Privacy Issues in the Drafting and Negotiating of Digital Advertising Contracts

Michael Geroe, SVP, General Counsel & Assistant Secretary, Adknowledge, Inc., USA

The friction between technology and privacy continues to flare white hot this year. Revelations by Edward Snowden that the US government had and was using its ability to monitor nearly all communications by computer, cell phone, smart phone and landline made from or to a person in the US (and to a more limited extent elsewhere) made global headlines in 2013. It helped stoke the ongoing debate about monitoring consumers as they visit websites, and what information businesses are capturing, what they are doing with that information, and whether their behavior amounts to spying on consumers. Convergence of media across smart screens from TVs to phones to tablets, makes cross platform advertising and consumer interactions increasingly common, and the ability of businesses to capture consumer information and behavior data ubiquitous.

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USA Data Protection IT November 2014 Vol. 8, No. 29, Autumn 2014

Michael Geroe


Michael R. Geroe has served as General Counsel of Adknowledge, Inc., a privately held advertising technology company, since 2004, and as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, since 2012. Previously, Mr. Geroe had a private law p

Adknowledge, Inc.


Adknowledge is a multi-channel global digital marketing company specializing in helping large, demanding clients get the best ROI from their digital marketing spend. It works with clients in the highest volume, most valuable areas of the web including: s

USA Data Protection IT November 2014 Vol. 8, No. 29, Autumn 2014

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