Being Social: The FDA Pronounces on Interactive Promotional Media

Marianne Slivkova, Senior Corporate Counsel, Bristol Myers Squibb, USA

In the United States, consumers are increasingly turning to social media to obtain information about pharmaceutical products and devices, to research medical conditions, and obtain information about potential treatments, available support groups and other health-related information. Data from Manhattan Research (for the year 2013) indicates that social media influences the patient journey in unprecedented ways: for example, upwards of 20% of consumers surveyed were “strongly influenced” by social media when experiencing symptoms, after diagnosis, or when managing their condition. Social media has also influenced patients’ interactions with their doctors: 27% of consumers using social media reported that they asked a doctor to prescribe a generic instead of a brand as a result of health/medial information they found on-line, 12% asked a doctor to prescribe a brand, and 25% asked a doctor to prescribe any drug.

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USA Social Media Pharmaceutical October 2014 Vol. 8, No. 29, Autumn 2014

Marianne Slivkova


Marianne Slivkova is Senior Corporate Counsel for Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. She is primarily responsible for providing legal advice on legal risk, interpretation of FDA advertising regulations, PDMA, healthcare fraud and abuse, product liability, priv

Bristol Myers Squibb


Bristol-Myers Squibb is a multi-national biopharmaceutical company, whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.

USA Social Media Pharmaceutical October 2014 Vol. 8, No. 29, Autumn 2014

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