Business Acquisitions in the EU: Key HR Legal Considerations

Darren Isaacs, Solicitor, GQ Employment Law, UK
Leonard Segreti, Senior Corporate Counsel – Labor, CenturyLink, USA

For a U.S. based Company, acquiring a business abroad is like taking a trip to the mythical Land of Oz. The one critical thing US counsel has to remember at all times is that when acquiring a Company abroad you cannot simply apply U.S. rules and law. You have to consider the local rules, laws and customs. Additionally, it is important to have good travel companions on your journey, in particularly the advice and direction of the Scarecrow (knowledgeable and trusted local counsel), the Lion (a fearless business leader with plenty of courage), and the Tin Man (an HR Manager with heart).

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United Kingdom USA Employment Telecommunications March 2014 Vol. 7, No. 26, Winter 2014

Darren Isaacs


Darren Isaacs is a dual-qualified Australian/UK employment lawyer. He graduated in 1994 from the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, with a BEc, an LLB, and a Grad. Dip. Leg. Prac.. He is admitted in Australia (NSW, ACT and Commonwealth jurisdictions) as well as in England & Wales; he has also practised as a foreign lawyer in Hong Kong. Having spent most of his career at international law firm Linklaters, he is now a partner in a London employment law boutique firm, GQ Employment Law LLP.

Leonard Segreti


Leonard Segreti spent 16 years working in human resources before becoming qualified as an attorney approximately 20 years ago. He is currently Senior Corporate Counsel – Labor, for CenturyLink and has been involved in several acquisitions in the EU. He holds a BA from St. John's University, a Masters Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from the New York Institute of Technology, and a JD from the University of Denver College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in NY and CO.



CenturyLink is a telecommunications service provider.

GQ Employment Law


United Kingdom USA Employment Telecommunications March 2014 Vol. 7, No. 26, Winter 2014

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