When a Small Legal Department Should Retain a Litigation Matter In-House

Bill Kruse, Vice President Legal & Associate Counsel, The Gallup Organization, USA

There will come a time, if you are in-house, when an issue will cross your desk that you just can’t help but want to take to trial yourself. Maybe the value of the case is such that outside counsel fees, if paid, will make the case unsettleable. It might not be “bet the company” litigation requiring an in-depth knowledge of one area of law, and you are on the fence on whether to recommend to the board to let you handle it. It isn't always a great idea, but occasionally, it can pay off. This article will explore the difficulties in keeping cases in-house, and the upsides to managing a case without external counsel. No outside firm knows your organization like you do. Internal employees are more easily accessible to the in-house counsel as well. There are efficiencies to be had by working within the organization.

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USA Management Consultant July 2013 Vol. 6, No. 24, Summer 2013

William Kruse


William E Kruse is a Vice President, Legal Counsel, and Regulatory Compliance Officer for Gallup, the world’s most trusted survey research and management consulting organization. His office is located in Washington, DC, at Gallup’s world headquarters, where he is responsible for matters of world-wide public procurement and global legal compliance. He is part of a small handpicked legal team of six in-house counsel headed by Gallup’s General Counsel and Ethics Officer, Steven D. O’Brien. His legal work for Gallup has taken him to Cameroon, China, Ghana, India, Kenya, Liberia, Thailand, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. He came to Gallup from a premier railroad and maritime litigation firm in the mid-west of the United States, Holland, Groves, Schneller & Stolze, LLC., where he litigated matters in Federal and State courts across the United States in both the trial and appellate courts. He will forever be indebted to Eric Holland and his team of world-class attorneys for their training and leadership. Mr. Kruse spent six years in the United States Coast Guard, with several years spent at sea on the Coast Guard Cutter Valiant, a medium endurance cutter home ported in Miami Beach, Florida. He handled procurement and budgeting for the Valiant, and later CGD7 (DPA). While serving onboard the Valiant, he served as a tactical boarding team member and cutter rescue swimmer. Mr. Kruse graduated seventh in his class from Florida International University College of Law, and performed externships with the United States Coast Guard’s JAG office in Miami as well as with the Miami Public Defender’s office as a felony division Florida Rule 11 trial attorney.

The Gallup Organization


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USA Management Consultant July 2013 Vol. 6, No. 24, Summer 2013

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