Intelligent Combination of Contract, Policy and Technology as the Answer to Impending Heightened European Union Data Protection Regulations

David Kemp, Executive Director of Legal Policy, Autonomy Corporation plc, UK

For multi-national corporate counsel, the complex web of national and super-national legislation and regulation in Europe may seem an intractable fettering of activity. The updating of the 1995 European Directive, as proposed to the European Council in January 2012, provides a timely opportunity to assess the ability to resolve the apparent conflicting standards of personal data protection and corporate governance. How can commercial negotiation, intelligent policy and technology provide in-house counsel with a safe path to travel?

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United Kingdom Data Protection IT May 2012 Vol. 5, No. 19, Spring 2012

David Kemp


David Kemp is Executive Director of Legal Policy at Autonomy - Biography His role is to assist in identifying the key strategic opportunities and challenges that affect major financial and legal companies in terms of Business Process Management, Corporate Governance and advancement of the business through enhanced client relationship and asset management. Originally an Oxford University graduate lawyer by profession, David has worked as external counsel, and for ten years as a political risk insurance broker responsible for the Nordic Region in his company. In 1990 he joined ABN AMRO Bank as a Corporate Banker, setting up first a Structured Trade Finance Team, then a Financial Institutions Relationship management business, and an Asset Securitisation team benefitting from the arrival of the Euro. In 2001, he became the Legal & Compliance Manager at ABN AMRO - providing a business platform for some 600 lawyers and 800 compliance officers in 53 countries. During this time, he was closely involved in creating new practices in the areas of Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Management, Knowledge Management and Records Management - forming industry-wide groupings for bench-marking in each case.

Autonomy Corporation plc


Autonomy, an HP Company, is a global leader in software that processes human information, or unstructured data, including social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages, etc. Autonomy’s powerful management and analytic tools for structured information together with its ability to extract meaning in real time from all forms of information, regardless of format, is a unique tool for companies seeking to get the most out of their data. Autonomy’s product portfolio helps power companies through enterprise search analytics, business process management and OEM operations. Autonomy also offers information governance solutions in areas such as eDiscovery, content management and compliance, as well as marketing solutions that help companies grow revenue, such as web content management, online marketing optimization and rich media management.

United Kingdom Data Protection IT May 2012 Vol. 5, No. 19, Spring 2012

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