Lawyers Working Backwards

Tyler Dearson, , Barclays Bank - Ventures, UK
Hayley Waddington, Legal Counsel, Barclays Bank - Ventures, UK

It is important to take inspiration from outside your own organisation. In-house lawyers need to be commercial to succeed. Bringing these ideas together, lawyers at Barclays are adapting and adopting some of the key techniques used by the world’s most successful companies, both to fundamentally change how we approach legal work and to become trusted partners for our clients (internal and external). Implementing new ways of working within in-house legal teams, developed from business practices, is not new. However, success to date has been varied, with many lawyers having experienced the challenges of efforts to improve, for example, large-scale attempts to map complex processes, often done poorly and leading to little change.

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United Kingdom Management Banking & Finance October 2019 Vol.12, No. 49, Autumn 2019

Tyler Dearson


Tyler Dearson moved within Barclays to support the stand-up and growth of its newly-formed Barclays Ventures business in 2018. Tyler is an experienced corporate lawyer, including expertise in equity capital market, M&A, restructurings and digital transactions.

Hayley Waddington


Hayley is a technology and data lawyer, focusing on innovative technologies, proof of concepts and data strategy. She joined Barclays almost a year ago, prior to which she was in private practice at a global City law firm.

Barclays Bank - Ventures


Barclays Bank is a major transatlantic retail bank. Tyler and Hayley work as legal counsel in its Ventures business, focusing on transforming the bank and disrupting the financial services industry.

United Kingdom Management Banking & Finance October 2019 Vol.12, No. 49, Autumn 2019