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Forthcoming Events
Past Events

Join us for the five years’ anniversary of Scandinavia’s leading strategy event. Welcome to VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum in Stockholm on 8 October 2014.


VQ Forum brings together thought leaders and champions of change in the legal profession to discuss strategy and key developments in the legal market.


This year the program will focus on productivity, pricing strategies, profit growth, legal process strategies, client/law firm relationships and how the development of the in-house counsel role is changing the dynamics of legal service.


At VQ Forum, Poolia Legal will exclusively present the Swedish General Counsel report based on a survey taken by General Counsels and CEO’s in Sweden about the development of the in-house legal role, where it exists in the corporate value chain, and how to set relevant KPI:s for the legal department. The results are compared with similar international reports on the subject.


Anna Lensmar-Friedman, CEO of Poolia Legal, presents the results with analysis and shares her experience as a recruiter talking to many in-house legal counsels about their role in the company, about the commercial value that the in-house legal team can contribute with and how that value can be measured. She will also share the experience from meeting with the CEO’s and CFO’s, hiring the in-house legal counsels, who sometimes have a quite different view of the in-house legal role.


A panel of in-house expertise, CEOs and CFO’s of some of Sweden’s largest corporations and managing partners of leading law firms will then discuss the report and the value of legal advice from different aspects. How do you get most value from the in-house legal department and when and how to use external legal advisors or outsourcing to increase the corporate value? How do you measure the corporate value of legal advice?


Each attendee will receive a copy of the full General Counsel survey report.


During the day you will gain interesting, practical and visionary insights from internationally renowned speakers, based on their extensive experience. For example, the global legal pricing guru, Richard Burcher, will provide his insights and experience on how a custom-fit, value-driven, reciprocal fairness approach to pricing best will position law firms to achieve two apparently diametrically opposed outcomes: improved profitability, and more satisfied clients. There is a myth that all clients are price driven. What clients actually seek is increased certainty, predictability and manageability; transparency over pricing; and someone to share the journey - the ups and the downs.


Further speaker information »


Further event information and registration details »

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